Thursday, October 20, 2011

DC Lottery Cancels Ward 6 Home/Hotspot Gambling Listening Tour with One Day Notice

Dear Councilmembers,  

I received a call moments ago from Charles Allen in Tommy Wells' office.  He was just told that the Ward Six i-Gambling community meeting that was scheduled for this Thursday -- tomorrow -- has been moved by Buddy Roogow to next Thursday.  No messages regarding this change ever went out from the Lottery Board to any Ward Six organization -- none of the Ward Six ANC commissioners -- none of the Ward Six community listservs -- and none of the customary Ward Six websites.  

After being called on the carpet by the media for scheduling their community meetings in the middle of August and over Labor Day, once again the Lottery Board is tampering with the process that they themselves established.  If Buddy Roogow and his Lottery Board crew can't be trusted to maintain a simple schedule of community meetings, how can they be trusted to run a citywide gambling operation? Flying way under the ethics radar screen, they are either wildly incompetent or too cute by half and  boldly believe that can get away with no supervision. 

The Council needs to step up to the plate and exercise some oversight.  And while it may be fine to some that Buddy Roogow, as a Maryland resident, pays no DC taxes -- someone needs to remind him that his salary is being paid by the residents of the District of Columbia and that he still reports to the Council's Committee on Finance and Revenue.   


Andy Litsky
Commissioner, ANC 6D-04

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