Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Freedom of Information Request sent to CFO's office August 29, 2011

From: Marie Drissel []
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 7:00 PM
To: 'Lee, Laverne (OCFO)'
Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear Ms. Laverne,

Under the DC Freedom of Information Act I am requesting the following:

1.  The rating or scores for the first RFP for online gaming first issued in May 2007 and transmitted to the DC Council in 2008.  The hearing on this decision was April 7, 2008.  I am requesting all supporting documents for the rating or score awarding the contract to Intralot and Warren Williams, Jr/Sr. in a joint venture.  It is both the scores and the supporting documentation that I am requesting to show how the socres were determined with comments.

2.  The rating or scores for the second RFP for online gaming awarded sometime around October 2009 and transmitted to the City Council shortly thereafter in 2009 with a hearing on November 19, 2009.  Again, I want all supporting documents. The scores were given by the Council to the panelists during this November 19, 2009 hearing.  It is the supporting documentation that I am requesting to show how the scores were determined with comments.  (Correction of date sent to Ms. Lee--Date of hearing was November 24, 2009.)

3.  All emails to and from Joseph Giddis and/or Dawn DiGiorgio concerning the contract which was approved by the City Council on December 1, 2009.  I am requesting all documents, emails, electronic communication, cell phone calls and text messages for a period starting on November 19, 2009 and ending April 15, 2010 sent or received by Joseph Giddis and Dawn DiGiorgio.

4.  I am requesting a copy of Attachment A for the language for B-ON™ of the Intralot contract.  This was also known in some emails as Annex A.  To clarify this, I am quoting an email from Dawn DiGiorgio to Jay Lapine and Emmanuel Bailey with copies to various people dated March 30, 2010 obtained through a Freedom of Information Request of CM Michael Brown.  "Why don't we leave the language in Section B, so it is up front as an option and then include the detailed language you have proposed in Attachment A."  I am requesting all documents involved in this description by Dawn DiGiorgio.

5.  Within the FOIA on CM Michael Brown a document was found which showed the cost negotiations for implementing B-ON™.  I am requesting a copy of the changes in the cost structure and the final cost structure.  The document for example has a paragraph entitled "In respect of pricing at Section B.7.12 addressing Player Registration (Section C.5.13).

6.  All documents, research and evidence of background checks on principals of Veteran Service Corporation.

7.  All documents, research and evidence of background checks on principals of DC09.

8.  On the DC Lottery web site a statement is found  What about hackers?  We intend to retain one of the world’s most recognized companies, IBM Managed Security Services, to deploy their industry leading security tools and expertise providing 24/7 real-time monitoring and protection should iGaming be implemented.  Two weeks ago the statement on the web site is that the IBM Management Security Services have been secured.  Please provide all documents involved in the competitive bidding, the scores and the costs.

9.  Within the documents received in the FOIA of CM Michael Brown there are many pages describing Fantasy Sports including a piece of information which states that this will be offered across jurisdictional lines.  I am requesting all documents, emails, cell phone calls concerning Fantasy Sports including any other termination (Correction: terminology) which means Fantasy Sports.

I am a citizen activist and am not doing this for any commercial purpose.  As in the past and as was the standard response to my requests, I am requesting a waiver of all fees.

Thank you.  

Marie Drissel

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