Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Evans seeks IG review of Internet gambling

It’s difficult to decipher where Councilman Jack Evans stands on Internet gambling in the District. He has been critical of the adoption process and has raised questions about its contracting. He wants community meetings and a public hearing on the proposal. But Evans has not come out for repeal of this measure.

Evans, however, has asked the Inspector General to review the awarding of the D.C. lottery contract of 2009, as well as the iGaming – the code word for Internet gambling – provision.

In a letter to Inspector Charles Willoughby, Evans wrote this on Sept. 6:

As we discussed in our telephone conversation last week, you stated that your office is actively investigating the awarding of the DC Lottery contract in December of 2009. You also stated that your office is considering the i-gaming (Internet gambling) option and the circumstances surrounding its passage in your investigation.
I concur that your office should include i-gaming in your investigation. 
The complete letter from Evans is available here.

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