Monday, September 26, 2011

ANCs at opposition to DC's gambling law

Three ANCs have, so far, passed resolutions opposing the District's Internet gambling law. They are ANC 2D, which represents Sheridan-Kalorama; ANC 6D, which includes the Southwest/Near Southeast community, and ANC 4C, which represents the Petworth area, 16th Street Heights and a portion of Crestwood. 

The ANC 1C-Public Service Committee, which represents Adams Morgan,  is scheduled to take the issue up on Wed. Sept. 28. Its action may be a prelude to consideration by the entire commission in early October. 

The ANCs don't have a lot of power and, as their name implies, they are advisory. But their members are on the front-line of neighborhood issues and they will be the ones who will be dealing directly with the impacts of neighborhood mini-casinos. 

Here is the resolution approved by ANC 2D: 

Resolution Regarding Online/Internet Gambling/iGaming

Whereas the Online/Internet Gambling/iGaming, including computerized slots legislation, was inserted into the December 2010 budget without public discussion or public hearings, contrary to the principles of open and transparent government; 


Whereas the potential negative economic impacts associated with bringing online gambling supported and operated by the District of Columbia Government everyday until 4AM may include increased police protection, alcohol beverage control, zoning and fire safety enforcement, specialized protection against hacking of the DC Government website and its gambling site, and increased addiction treatment vastly outweigh the projected annual financial benefits to the District that might be realized by its implementation.

Now, therefore let it be resolved that ANC2D fully supports the immediate repeal of the “Lottery Modernization Amendment Act of 2010” and a moratorium on the implementation of DC Government Online/Internet Gambling/iGaming, including computerized slots, so that this issue in stand alone legislation can be thoroughly vetted in an open and fully transparent manner with proper public consideration, comments, hearings and recorded vote by the Council of the District of Columbia and approval/signature of the Mayor, and

Be it further resolved that the Chair or his designee be authorized to represent the Commission on this matter.

Attested by:
David R. Bender, Chair
September 19, 2011
This resolution was approved by a roll call vote of 2-0 on
September 19, 2011, at a scheduled and noticed public
meeting of ANC2D at which a quorum was present.

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