Sunday, August 28, 2011

DC09 and Intralot Announce Eleven New Jobs Listed Without Preference for DC Residents

Here is one example of what to expect from this new business line sponsored by the DC Government through the auspices of the DC Chief Financial Office and the DC Lottery.  The job is for a Table Games Manager:  

  • Daily interaction and cooperation with the marketing, call center and lottery CRM teams in developing and managing the Table Games player retention process, the identification of player segments and the establishment of player reactivation campaigns 
  • Developing procedures for utilizing the company’s existing resources for reducing the churn rate of high-value Table Games players 
  • Set and meet targets for monthly retention performance 
  • Analyze player data and based on the findings suggest and implement appropriate action 
  • Ensure that supervision is provided at all times while the Table Games Room is in operation 
  • Maintains departmental budget and assists in forecasting gaming revenue. 
  • Actively contact and work with high value players 
  • Monitoring and reporting of all Table Games product performance 
  • Formulation and authoring of reports and presentations that analyze collected Table Games game and player data using charts, graphs and explanatory text using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other software as appropriate. 
  • Development of Table Games presentations, as assigned 
  • Make suggestions on Handle and resolve player queries in relation to Table Games product 
  • Handle and resolve player complaints as escalated by player support staff 
  • Prepare for and manage the implementation of upgrades and enhancements to the Table Games product 
  • Liaise closely with eWallet Representatives to ensure that security related issues are dealt with expediently. 
  • Responsible for maintaining the types of games being played, the limit and buy-in 
  • Responsible for training the types of games being played and guest service 
  • Accurately check and provide advice on any suspect Table Games play in regard to site security and attempted fraud (Chip Dumping, Collusion, and Transfer of Funds. 
  • Must be able to work all shifts, weekends, holidays & special events as needed 
For more jobs see many of the job search engines such as Monster, Simply Hired

Monday, August 15, 2011

Georgetown Dish: Starbucks as gambling venue

Photo by The Georgetown Dish

Marie Drissel, taxpayer advocate, is asking Starbucks whether it condones online gambling in its stores
Marie Drissel, taxpayer advocate, is asking Starbucks whether it condones online gambling in its stores
From the Georgetown Dish:

D.C. officials' eagerness to institute online gambling in the District has caught the 
attention of the New York Times and D.C. taxpayer advocate Marie Drissel, 
who is saying "Basta!" at attempts to roll out the controversial gaming plan alongside 
carmel macchiatos without public hearings.

Responding to D.C. Lottery executive director Buddy Roogow's comment in the Times 
that gamblers will be able to “do it from Starbucks, a restaurant, bar or hotel, or from 
a private residence,” Drissel is asking the coffee chain if it has "taken such a stand and 
are [you] going to allow online gambling in your coffee shops?"

See full post at Georgetown Dish.

Marie Drissel is a writer at Stop DC Gambling

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Postponement of Community Outreach Meetings until After Labor Day

NEWS BULLETIN:  We are making an impact.  The community meetings which were scheduled by the DC Lottery with no notice and all to take place at the end of August and beginning of September have been cancelled and will be rescheduled.  See Tweet from CM Michael Brown below.  The first one was scheduled for August 16 in just 5 days for all ANC Commissioners throughout the City.

 Michael A. Brown 

Letter to ANC Commissioners from Commissioner Andy Litsky

Dear Fellow Commissioners, 

If you think that the last two weeks of August and Labor Day week is the best opportunity to hold a discussion about how gambling will be introduced in the District of Columbia then please don't bother to read any further. 
The information below is from the DC Lottery Commission web site.  You can log on to see precisely what the Lottery Commission -- and our DC Council -- consider appropriate "community outreach" regarding the introduction of internet gambling in each and every neighborhood in the District of Columbia.  
I'll make it easy for you.  Here's what they consider proper public outreach: 
1. The ANC Chairs from across the city were purportedly mailed notice on August 4 requesting their attendance at a meeting with the DC Lottery on August 16 to discuss the introduction of internet gambling in our communities as soon as this October. 
2. There will be eight ward meetings, each scheduled for just two hours apiece and held in small meeting rooms at local DC Public Libraries -- which may, or may not, be eventual sites for internet gambling.  The DC Lottery hasn't ruled that out.
Yep.  That's it.  That's the extent of public outreach -- in the dead of August.
There will be no visits by Lottery Officials to seek additional concerns from the general public, or at local ANC meetings or from our community and civic associations.
But it's August and the Lottery Commission hopes to do this when most of the city is on vacation, when the Council is on recess and virtually every ANC and civic association is out of session. 
Unless ANC Commissioners, civic and community association leadership, the general public and the media speak up, we risk that this may become the new standard for adopting DC legislation going forward -- quick, down, dirty and out of public view.  We must demand greater accountability from our elected officials and from those whom they appoint to manage our District affairs.
Regardless of whether you believe that internet gambling is bad public policy, we must insist upon proper and thorough community input.  It is particularly galling that this faux community outreach schedule appears to be acceptable to our city council, the Lottery Commission and the Mayor. 
There must be proper notification to ANCs, civic associations and local churches.  (See the attached Resolution that I urge you to introduce).  Hundreds of small businesses currently contracted to sell lottery tickets must be notified that they may lose significant revenue if lottery tickets are to be sold online.  And the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission must hold a noticed and open meeting to decide whether gambling on premises should be considered "a substantial change" under the law for hundreds of their license holders. So why the rush?
If this is how our government is handling a simple matter of public outreach, how accountable do you imagine that they are going to be once gambling is on the table?  Who is watching the store?  Well, we all need to be.
Remember, it's August. But see if you can get through to your Councilmember anyway, each of your at-large Councilmembers, and Chairman Kwame Brown (724-8000).  Call the Mayor (727-6300).  And call Buddy Roogow, Director of the DC Lottery Commission (202-645-8000). Tell Buddy to put his cards on the table -- He’s running the show.  
Demand that they slow this thing down.  These meetings must take place when everyone is back in town, properly noticed and focusing on this issue -- not during the last two weeks of August and the week of Labor Day.    What a sham.   What a shame.
Please post this information your community listserves and blogs.
Andy Litsky
Commissioner, ANC 6D-04
Southwest Waterfront

Information Fact Sheet Supporting Sample Repeal Resolution

A.  What Is Internet Gambling and How Did It Become DC Law?

1.      Internet Gambling or Igaming is gambling on a DC owned website to play games of skill and chance and to buy lottery tickets. 
2.      The District of Columbia Government with its full faith and credit is the first government in the US to support, own and operate Internet gambling.  Internet gambling has been through private companies usually operated offshore. 
3.      In 2008 the Chief Financial Officer issued a competitive bid for a new contractor for the regular lottery.  That process took over one year.  Unknown to the public, almost all of the Council Members and even the losing bidder, GTech, the winning team was awarded a contract with an option for a computer platform to include online gambling in March 2010.  DC did not even have a law allowing online gambling when the contract was signed.   
4.      Nine months later, a City Council Member inserted legislative language which allows any type of gambling into the December 2010 Budget Supplement.  There were no hearings with any public comment. The budget supplement was signed by the Mayor in January 2011.  It then went to Congress as the entire budget supplement and since there were no Congressional objections Internet gambling became DC law in April 2011. 
5.      All decisions about what games are offered are being made by two DC Government officials—Dr. Natwar Gandhi and Mr. Buddy Roogow.  There is no longer a board of directors or member appointees to the DC Lottery Board.  It is run by the executive director, Mr. Roogow who makes $157,000 per year.  Mr. Buddy Roogow lives in Maryland and told the media that he has no intentions of moving into DC.  The DC Lottery is an independent agency and the executive director does not have to live in DC.
6.      The contract was won by DC09, a DC LSDBE company which was formerly Veterans Service Corporation of Virginia.  The CEO of DC09, the majority contractor is Emmanuel Bailey who also lives in Maryland.  The winning subcontractor providing the trademarked platform is Intralot, a foreign company headquartered in Greece

B.  What Games Does the DC Internet/Intranet Platform Provide?

1.      The contract signed with DC09/Intralot includes an Intralot owned B-ON™ platform capable of:   1. On-line Lottery games 2. Interactive Lottery games 3. Numerical games 4. Instant ticket games 5. On-line interactive fixed-odds betting 6.  Fixed-odds betting 7. Live betting 8. On-line interactive casino games 9. Table casino games 10. Video Lottery games 11. On-line skill games 12. Betting exchange on skill-based entertainment games 13. Instant tickets with skill-based entertainment games. 
2.      On April 21, 2011 Mr. Roogow testified at the Lottery budget hearings before the Council that the online gambling would start with Texas Hold Em Poker, Victory at Sea and bingo.  Within two months in the June 17 DC Register and at the June 29 Roundtable, Mr. Roogow announced that the online gambling supported and operated by the DC Government includes the additional games of random number generated games (slots), blackjack and electronic instant tickets.
3.      Mr. Roogow states that DC will not go into the business of casino gambling.  But there are no laws or legislative history which prevents Gandhi/Roogow from doing this according to legal opinions provided by their lobbyist in January 2010 as long as it is INTRASTATE.

C. How Will It Work?

1.      In order to comply with federal law all players will have to play inside the city limits. This is the key to whether or not this type of gambling is legal according to testimony given by DC Attorney General Irvin Nathan.  DC Attorney General Irvin Nathan also stated that he is keeping the Department of Justice informed of the implementation planning.
2.      When a player logs into the DC website the IP address will indicate the location of the laptop or computer within one or two blocks according to Mr. Roogow.  The DC Lottery states that they will create a buffer around the District lines to prevent anyone using a wi-fi router at home to play whose laptop is in Maryland or Virginia. They may black out one to two blocks at the District line to prevent out of state users. 
3.      All players will have to be over 19.  According to several interviews given by Mr. Roogow and the DC Lottery web page they will use several filters to determine the age of the gambler.
4.      The person playing will purchase a debit card for $250 or less and start playing on a weekly basis.  It is not clear if the money escrowed will be controlled by DC09, Intralot or directly by the DC Government.  It is assumed that it will be controlled by the DC CFO’s office.  This amount is arbitrary and can be changed by Mr. Roogow any time. 
5.      The first roll out includes computerized slots.  The difference between a computerized slot and video computerized slots which were stopped by Dorothy Brizill, of DC Watch and others twice in the past is difficult to describe.  The video slot is a computerized specialized piece of equipment which was to be purchased by the owner of a casino.  At this point it is not anticipated that this will happen but it is allowed by the December 2010 law as long as it complies with the federal law known as the Johnson Act.  Video slots have only one purpose and are not manufactured within the City limits.  On the other hand someone’s laptop has many purposes and is usually purchased by the owner.  It is the laptop which will be registered along with its owner with the DC Lottery. 

D.  What Are the Expenses And Economic Issues?

1.      DC09 and Interlot are paid a fee just to implement the regular lottery system which was budgeted at $33 to $38 million over 5 years.  DC09/Intralot will also share in the profits of online gambling. “Profits” for the DC Government to share are made when many people lose money.   There are also public documents which indicate that DC Lottery may be paying additional costs once the online portion of this contract goes live. 
2.      All of the financial indirect impacts have not been considered and planned for and affected agencies have not signed off.  The hours of operation are until 4 AM every day.  DC agencies such as the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, the MPD, or addiction treatment centers have not estimated their financial costs.   
3.      THE REVENUE ESTIMATES PER YEAR ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE DC BUDGET BY THE CFO FOR FOUR YEARS.   (CORRECTION:  According to the CFO Public Information Officer the revenue estimates are included in the budget except for only the ending months of the first Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2011.  Therefore, the budget includes about $3 million in net revenue for 3 of the 4 years starting October 1, 2011.) 
4.      The CFO could not provide reliable information and used only foreign government historical financial information to project the revenue because this is the first time a US government is running this type of business. Therefore, there could be no reliance on the projected income of about $3 million per year.
5.      As stated the additional direct expenses are also unknown.  One clue might be picked up on the DC Lottery web site which states they have retained the services of IBM Managed Security Systems to prevent national and international hacking of the DC Government site.  The DC CFO, Lottery Director, Chief Technology Officer, City Administrator and DC Attorney have been asked for the policy and procedures which will be followed should there be any successful compromises to the system.  No response has been given. 
6.      The impact on the retail regular lottery stores is unknown.  It is unclear at this point but the DC Register seems to indicate that this new system is offering the ability to buy online lottery tickets.  Further, there may be problems with retail stores becoming “hotspots” such as a mini market which currently sells liquor and will be setting up tables/chairs to allow clients to sit down with their laptops and gamble.  There may be issues requiring liquor license amendments, zoning and fire safety inspections and parking enforcement. 

E.  Where Will Players Be Allowed to Play and Where Will “Hotspots” Be Located?

1.      The home part of the system is on track and will be operational in October 2011 according to the Lottery website.
2.      After complaints at the June 29 roundtable the Lottery issued rules giving ANC’s 60 days notice to comment on proposed “hotspots.” 
3.      “Hotspots” are secured sites where it seems that terminals will be supplied.  It might be a secured site in a business which already has a wi-fi website such as certain well known coffee shops.  A player will go into this “hotspot” with a laptop or iPhone and be able to connect to the Igaming site owned by the DC Government and start gambling.  No one knows where these sites will be but this is totally controlled by Dr. Gandhi and Mr. Roogow.
4.      Federal government employees will not be allowed to play on this website. The law requires that no lottery activities including advertising can take place in the federal enclave.  Some interpret the governing law to mean any federal building.  For example, US Homeland Security is on Massachusetts Avenue near American University in Northwest surrounded by residential zoning.  Mr. Roogow told an editorial board member of the Washington Post that they will build buffers around federal government buildings.  It is envisioned that a one or two block dead zone will be created around such buildings. 
5.      At the roundtable on June 29, Mr. Roogow confirmed that it was possible to have gambling in a room in the Wilson building and an article appeared in the Washington Post that this could be true of DC libraries.  The DC Intranet website or DC H-Net which DC taxpayers have paid millions to build will be used by the Lottery to run the gambling site.  There is no legislation or legislative history since there has been no hearing that requires the DC Lottery to exclude libraries, recreation centers and schools which are hooked up to this Intranet system.  It stands to reason that these entities will be excluded but this is all up to Mr. Roogow and Dr. Natwar Gandhi

F.  Is Home and “Hotspots” Online Gambling A Good Idea To Be Implemented by 2011?

1.      A number of our District elected officials are now under investigation for ethics violations, corruption, and possible criminal activities.  The process by which Online/Intranet gambling/Igaming with computerized slots was adopted in the middle of December without any public sunshine contributes to the negative perception among DC residents that our government is increasingly controlled by outside interest groups.  Further, should anything go wrong especially within the federal enclave it will damage our quest for DC voting rights.
2.      Mr. Roogow is promising many things like checking to see if there are particular gamblers who are addicted and blocking them.  This office has not received budget authority to hire anyone new and Mr. Roogow stated in an interview that he needs to hire an expert cyber auditor.  There is no money for this.  So this office must run the paper lottery and this new huge business line without any increased staff.
3.      D.C. Government will be the first Government in the US to operate online gambling with no rules and regulations and case law history. 

How To Get Further Information?

1.      Marie Drissel, Ward 2 prepared the Q&A and worked with several people to refine the sample repeal resolution.  
2.      A website/blog at has just been established.
3.      For any comments please email
4.      Public outreach meetings have been scheduled from August 16 until September 15, 2011 by the DC Lottery. 
5.      The first meeting is for all ANC Commissioners on August 16 from 7 to 9 PM at the DC Lottery on MLK Avenue


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sample Resolution to Repeal Online Gambling Law

Whereas the online/Internet gambling/iGaming including computerized slots legislation was inserted into the December 2010 budget without public discussion or public hearings, contrary to the principles of open and transparent government; and

Whereas the potential negative economic impacts associated with bringing online gambling supported and operated by the District of Columbia Government everyday until 4AM may include increased police protection, alcohol beverage control, zoning and fire safety enforcement, specialized protection against hacking of the DC Government website and its gambling site, and increased addiction treatment vastly outweigh the projected annual financial benefits to the District that might be realized by its implementation.

Now, therefore let it be resolved that (ANC Commissions, civic associations, churches, citizens) supports the immediate repeal of the “Lottery Modernization Amendment Act of 2010” and a moratorium on the implementation of DC Government online /Internet gambling/iGaming including computerized slots so that this issue in stand alone legislation can be thoroughly vetted in an open and fully transparent manner with proper public consideration, comments, hearings and recorded vote by the Council of the District of Columbia and approval/signature of the Mayor.